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Case Study: Varte Oy’s experience with the integration of Derigo Pro3 and Congrid – Jyri Seppänen, Head of Quality, Varte Oy

Jyri Seppänen (Engineer) , from Kainuu, started working as Head of Quality at Varte in the spring 2020. Over time, his job description has continued to expand, and now he is also the company’s Head of Occupational Safety and Head of Development. The duties of Head of Development also include the reforms and changes that are being made to the company’s applications architecture.

Earlier in his career, Jyri worked for Skanska for almost seven years, after which he took up the position of Area Manager for the Pasila railway station section of YIT’s Tripla project. From Tripla, Jyri moved to Bonava, where he worked as Supervision Manager for over two years, leading a team of 11 experts and being responsible for supervising all of Bonava’s housing production operations in Finland.

Digitalisation of the construction industry

Jyri Seppänen feels that digital tools are being used increasingly in the construction industry and businesses have become aware of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, especially in these exceptional circumstances, and have started to adopt new operating models at sites and offices.

“Businesses have realised that they are no longer able to operate using traditional methods, or that the efficiency of these methods is no longer sufficient for the work they do. The situation is constantly developing, but, on the other hand, digitalisation also needs to be supported by expertise and support work, as the overall management of these issues often falls short. I also think that pitting traditional and modern construction methods against each other is unnecessary, as these things are not mutually exclusive – quite the contrary, they complement and support each other”, Jyri says.

However, digitalisation and deploying new operating models are not without challenges in the construction industry. For example, it continues to be a problem that new software cannot be introduced quickly and easily enough so that its use becomes a standard for the entire construction industry.

Jyri explains that he is called several times a day by software suppliers offering him various kinds of ERP systems. The problem, however, is that suppliers often just don’t understand their customers’ needs well enough and are not prepared to tailor their systems in a customer-oriented way that would help businesses improve their solutions and develop efficiently enough.

Another problem hindering the field’s development is the lack of development cooperation within the construction industry – instead, individual organisations are forging ahead with their own development work. “However, there are also examples of things that are going well, and Congrid, which has gained a firm foothold in the industry and is doing great despite being a young company, is one of the best examples of a supplier that can offer quick implementation. The reason for this, without a doubt, is the ease of use and user-friendliness Congrid offers”, says Jyri.

Building trust

People often forget that there is also plenty of good, high-quality construction these days.”

In Jyri’s view, documentation and the construction industry’s operations and expertise should be made more transparent so that people would have a more positive impression of the industry, and also know more about it. Nowadays, discussion about the construction industry tends to focus on defects and problems. “If you were to ask a random person on the street for the first thought that comes to their mind about construction, you’d very likely hear something about moisture and mould damage. People often forget that there is also plenty of good, high-quality construction these days. Compared with past years or decades, we have high-quality documentation that is done using good tools and very good solutions,” Jyri says

Jyri hopes that construction industry actors are able to work together to improve its image through transparency and high-quality tools and communications. Once trust has been rebuilt, there can be constructive discussions about any topic and things can proceed as desired.

Deploying the integration of Derigo Pro3 and Congrid at Varte

“The key benefits include transparency, more efficient safety management and the resulting savings.”

Varte Group has chosen Derigo and Congrid as its quality and safety management partners. All key information and indicators for Varte’s projects are now available in a single reporting and monitoring tool.

Construction projects usually include hundreds of smaller and bigger tasks that require good planning skills and tools to complete.

Using the open interfaces of Derigo Pro3 project management software and the Congrid system, a reporting view was created for Varte. Thanks to this, data can be transferred in real time from sites all the way to senior management. The key benefits include transparency, more efficient safety management and the resulting savings.

One of Varte’s goals related to the integration was that Pro3 users without user credentials or non-users of Congrid could use the software to view basic safety levels and information as well as the latest observations. Varte also hoped that those who need them could receive user credentials and view the content in more detail also via the Congrid system.

Varte’s idea was that information could flow easily between the systems. The fact that both systems use the same nomenclature makes things clearer. Regardless of which system is used, the information can be found under the same headings and purchasing packages.

“The division we use is that documents that are created in the form of minutes or in Excel, i.e. at the site office, are in Pro3. In Congrid, you can find the site inspections that are done on site and involve quality management and site photos,” Jyri says.

Cooperation with Derigo and Congrid

In Jyri’s opinion, cooperation has been very smooth from the start with both companies. He was already familiar with Congrid from his time working at YIT, so the choice was easy.

As for Derigo and the Pro3 product, Jyri confirms that he is also very satisfied with them, and working with them has been smooth and easy, no matter what was being worked on. “Another piece of positive feedback I would like to give is that they delivered what was agreed upon, and they stayed on schedule. The basic functions of the product have been sufficiently complete, and starting to use them has been almost as easy as simply pressing a button. Getting going with the requested tailored solutions was smooth, and there were no schedule-related surprises when it came to deployment or the content,” Jyri says.

Jyri has been satisfied with how such big issues were handled in such a short time. Pro3’s deployment at Varte is nearing completion considerably faster than what was originally planned. The final site training sessions will be held in early January, after which Pro3 will be in full production use at Varte.

The user experience feedback given by Varte has been very positive, and Pro3 works well and is clear. “For users, the greatest fear has definitely been that the system would be too complex or that it would take over, but the positive feedback we have received shows that this is not the case. Once you start using the software, you’ll understand how it works and what you need to do. This is also positive feedback for us,” Jyri concludes.

Jyri hopes that both Congrid and Derigo will maintain the same attitude and customer-oriented way of working that help their customer companies move forward thanks to their solutions.

More information:

Jukka Vornanen, CEO, Derigo
(+358) 400 265 242

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid
(+358) 44 716 7200

Jyri Seppänen, Head of Quality, Varte
(+358) 400 285 040

Derigo has attained the Gold Microsoft Application Development

Microsoft’s Gold competency in Application Development demonstrates that Derigo has the ability to deliver best-in-class Microsoft SharePoint products and expertise.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status is the highest status Microsoft awards and is a globally recognized quality certification. The fact that Derigo has won this accolade is a clear demonstration that the company meets all the strict requirements Microsoft sets for this highest level of certification.

Derigo’s main products, Pro3 project and quality management, are built on Microsoft SharePoint technology.

More information:

Antti Lehtonen

Easily transform emails into project documentation

Project management is a complex job which requires managing several different elements at the same time. The amount of data being sent in emails bring their own challenges to daily work and project management, some of which are very critical from a project management perspective and the information should be available and easy to find for the whole project team.

In practice, however, the situation is often that important e-mails related to projects and their attachments are generally only known to one person or reside in one users inbox. This in turn then results in emails populated with project related files and information difficult to find or often even impossible.


The challenges described above can be effectively alleviated by implementing the Pro3 Outlook plugin. During commissioning, an extension is installed on the user’s machine, where e-mails and their attachments can be copied directly from e-mail to Pro3’s project workspace. By doing this, you can ensure that all information related to the project is stored immediately against the related project and can then be found in the same place and is available to all of the project members.







The plug-in window shows your own monitored projects and the process view defined for the project as a folder structure. Emails or attachments can be easily saved to a project by “dragging” the message to the right stage of the project.

E-mails dragged into the workspace remains in the user’s own Outlook as well as being stored in the Pro3 project workspace.

With efficient email management, significant time is saved when less time is spent searching for emails or its related files. In addition to this, direct business benefits are often achieved when for example, order confirmations for additional work completed are sent by e-mail which can be copied into the project and can then be effectively integrated into the billing process.

To hear more, contact:

Ashley Stokes
UK Head of Projects
Derigo Ltd

Meet our head of UK projects – Ash Stokes!

I’m Ashley Stokes, born 1994 in Derbyshire in the UK. I’m Derigo’s UK Head of Projects, I oversee the UK operations which includes, customer relationships & support, the sales & marketing and the implementation of new customers. I’ve been working at Derigo now for a year and a half, my background started in technical support for 3 years and progressed to infrastructure support where I worked for nearly 5 years. I now live in a small town called Chesterfield with my partner and 2 dogs. My hobbies mainly include doing long dog walks, finding a country pub along the route is a must! Going away in our motorhome and doing OCR (obstacle course races) for charity, this years got postponed, so I organised a 34 mile hike with the guys I usually do the OCR’s with.

Working for Derigo has been truly a great experience, as I mentioned my background and qualifications are mainly technical related, however I’ve always enjoyed the customer interaction starting from my very first position in technical support,
as I like to think of myself as a socially outgoing guy, so this fits perfectly with my current role!

Initially starting with Derigo I was nervous as I was worried some of this was unexplored territory to me and having the thought of what if I fail made myself pressured, however after actually starting and meeting everyone, I couldn’t have asked to work alongside a better team to help me through any of the things I’d not encountered before. After all, anything can be learnt!

One of the things I love about my role with Derigo is that everyday is different, whether it’s speaking to potential customers, giving support to our current customers and exploring with them any additional need for their company, being on our customers sites giving training or creating marketing material and pushing ad campaigns. Additionally I love the flexibility working for Derigo, allowing me to be there for our customers whenever they need, be it on a Sunday evening or over a holiday period, I always have my laptop with me, although maybe not if I’m up a mountain on a long dog walk, however I’ll always ensure they get the help and resolution they need whether it be from myself or from our Finnish support team.

Working with Finnish colleagues is brilliant, I think there’s so much to learn from each other and Derigo have a great team, it feels very much like a family. I think the structure is very different in a positive way in a Finnish company, one of the best parts is the approachability of everyone regardless of their position. Given that we’re obviously in different countries, I don’t think this affects our communication, with modern tools such as video calling and emailing, we do keep in touch at least every day and that’s great and very important to have that open communication between the two teams/countries

One of the best things about working for Derigo is seeing the evolution of Pro3, as I mentioned above, Derigo is a relatively small team in comparison to large organisations and it’s exciting to see when a customer has a change or specific need, for us to develop that function for them, it’s something you’d never get with a larger software company. You’d usually just get an out of the box software which is generic for every customer, unlike Pro3 where our customers are more personal to us, so we can develop Pro3 more bespoke to them.

Pro3 Add-on – Customer Information Management

The Pro3 Customer Data Management add-on has been specially developed to meet the needs of construction companies. Typically, sales take place in a separate CRM system that acts as a system for your supply. This add-on gives you access to your building-related suppliers and other parties. For example, these include: investors, authorities or real estate development consultants. Typically, projects are long, several years. In this case, it is important that all information is collected in one place where it is easy to find and utilize.

The main functionalities of the Pro3 Customer Information Management add-on are as follows:

• Sales status view
• Customer-specific sales activities
• Customer basics – contacts, sales and contract materials
• Calendar view
• Versatile reporting features

Finding and managing customer information is often challenging because customer-specific information, documents, and activities are in different repositories, files, and personal data sources such as e-mail or personal files on someone’s computer.

The reliability of sales forecasts can often be questioned when a clear process is either not agreed upon or is not available for everyone to see. The sales process agreed upon with Derigo’s Pro3 customer data management add-on is described in the system and projects are recorded in a uniform manner. This improves the quality and continuity of sales forecasts and provides the best view of future deals.

Getting an up-to-date and reliable sales snapshot can also be slow and tedious. Pro3 reporting views can be used to create views of customer data from different perspectives, e.g. customer, region, business, or vendor.

Utilizing the customer data management add-on makes sure all sales activities are effortlessly stored in the system. Better monitoring allows the sales management to prioritize and direct activities, as well as focus on project management.






The add-on allows you to comprehensively see customer information such as contacts, sales and contract materials. In addition to this, you will see customer specific sales activities such as calls, appointments, and memos. The calendar view also allows you to see any upcoming appointments.

To hear more, please contact:

Ashley Stokes
Head of UK Projects
Derigo LTD

Repost Derigo Global Oy Ltd news 1.4.2020

Derigo Global Oy Ltd has launch a new development program to develop its Pro3 mobile application product line and its UI design.

Based on our market research, we wanted to develop our mobile applications even more to meet customer needs.

The official Project name is Pro3 mobile application and UI design development for global growth

For this demanding and future looking development work the company has got funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

To gain funding from European Regional Development Fund (ERDR) played a major role in order to start the project.

New product line is estimated to be ready for the market entry early 2021.

Pro3 Add-on – Meeting Master







The quality of planning meetings is emphasized even more so in remote meetings. In order for meetings to go smoothly and achieve the desired results, presentations, documents, tasks and decisions must be easy to find. At Derigo, we noticed that while companies have many different tools that support remote meetings, the latest documents themselves are on ‘someone’s’ own computer.

In cooperation with our customers we have developed a service designed to support meetings. Pro3’s Meeting Master has been developed specifically for managing meetings, tasks and the content of meetings for various units and for different management groups.

Currently the management of customers meetings often presents similar challenges:

  • Unaware of what decisions have been made at the last meeting and who is responsible for their implementation
  • What is the status of the tasks assigned
  • Where the meeting agenda and minutes are stored
  • Where the meeting-related materials are stored

Pro3’s Meeting Master enables you to manage all these things and makes meetings run significantly more efficient and fluent.

The main features of the Pro3 Meeting Master add-on are as follows:

  • Home
    • You’ll see past and future meetings, the latest documents from the meetings, and the decisions made in them
  • Meeting workspace
    • All meetings are listed in chronological order
  • Calendar view and year clock
    • The annual clock gives a quick view of important events







  • Meeting list
  • Files
    • Materials for each meeting can be found under the same tab
  • Tasks
    • Decisions made during meetings can be created into tasks that involve the person assigned and then can be followed up
    • It’s easy to track the progress of tasks

Pro3 Meeting Master makes it easy to find meeting-related documents and decisions made in the same place, making it quick and easy to search for information. In addition, sharing all information between participants is effortless.

Decisions made during meetings may be the subject of tasks involving the person responsible. It’s easy to track the progress of tasks in real time, so everyone is aware of the status of each task and whether they’re on schedule.





It is also possible to get standard form templates for Meeting Master, such as agendas, memos and minutes.

For Pro3 users, setting up Meeting Master is very easy and fast. The features of the add-on are seamless for the user so a smooth setup can be done after one remote meeting.

To hear more, please contact:

Jussi Rantala
Projects and services
(+358) 400 200 005
Derigo Oy

Derigo and Congrid begin cooperation with Pohjola Rakennus to accelerate digitalization and transparency in the construction industry

Pohjola Rakennus has selected Derigo and Congrid as their quality and safety management partners. In future, all the most central data and indicators of Pohjola Rakennus projects will be available via one reporting and monitoring tool.

Construction projects usually contain hundreds of small and large tasks. Finishing them requires good design skills and tools.

Derigo’s Pro3 project management software and the open interfaces of the Congrid system enabled the creation of a reporting view for Pohjola Rakennus, allowing real-time data to be transported from worksites to senior management. The key benefits for all this have included transparency, more effective safety management, and cost savings.

“This solution gave our project management a clear, user friendly reporting tool. The user can easily understand how the process goes, as the system contains up-to-date data to support them. In this case, the work has always followed the process and been effective. The new system has been a huge developmental step for us and continues to make our daily work considerably easier”, says Tomi Jukola, the CPO of Pohjola Rakennus. Pohjola Rakennus designs and builds over 2000 homes a year.









Derigo aims to increase digitalization at worksites by delivering the customers ready-to-use models and solutions for data-based management in project operations. As data flows improve, decision-making will always be based on up-to-date data.

“This new cooperation forms a concrete example of utilizing digitalization in the construction sector in a way that combines a good end-user experience and the utilization of accumulated data. This cooperation is then used to create automatic business data views, so that data only needs to be entered once”, says Derigo Oy’s CEO Jukka Vornanen.







“Cooperation concretizes the possibilities of platform economy in the construction industry. We remove silos between the systems and bring data from the field to form transparent support for leadership”, says CEO Timo Makkonen from Congrid. The goal of the corporation is helping the construction field transform towards quality and security-oriented culture, encouraging different parties towards closer cooperation.






Pohjola Rakennus is a domestic family company established in 1989, one of Finland’s largest, known for its strong expertise in area planning and for its project development, particularly regarding the construction of apartment buildings.

More information:

Jukka Vornanen, CEO, Derigo
(+358) 400 265 242

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid
(+358) 44 716 7200

Tomi Jukola, Production Manager, Pohjola Rakennus
(+358) 40 546 8322

Derigo Oy is a Finnish ICT service firm, established in 2008, with a strong background and expertise in project management. The company’s employees have implemented hundreds of developmental projects in companies of different sizes, both at home and abroad. Derigo has, together with its customers, developed the Pro3 product family to particularly serve companies with project operations. Pro3 users already number in thousands, both in Finland and in international projects around the world. 

Congrid is a connected quality and safety platform for construction professionals, with a mission to improve construction quality. We offer a single platform in which all quality and safety management issues of any construction project can be managed – improving safety and quality, maximising site productivity and reducing costs.

Pohjola Rakennus Oy Suomi constructs quality homes for Finnish conditions, with over 30 years of experience. We plan and construct over 2000 homes per year, connected by good locations, well-functioning foundational plans and quality materials. Pohjola Rakennus employs over 3000 professionals, of which approximately 230 are their own company staff. We have witnessed many successes. Our turnover has developed positively, being 295 million Euros in 2019. Additionally, our customer satisfaction was 4.31 of 5, and the staff’s employer satisfaction was 4.1 of 5 in 2019. This success is based on the continuous development of expertise and on service-ready attitudes: we offer the best framework for customers, employees and partners. Select Pohjola Rakennus when you want domestic expertise for domestic housing.

Derigo throughout COVID-19

It’s been a strange and in some cases unfortunate time for many people given the Covid-19 situation.

Derigo are thankful for continued support from our current customers and also our new customers, business is still thriving in Finland as we look to welcome Jatke & Varte and the drive in the UK has also been very good.

Covid posed the reason for change to digitalization significantly, meaning throughout these challenging times everyone needed to work from their live project portfolio remotely and also project managers needed to have a clear in-sight from reports and dashboards on possible project delays Covid may have caused so they could plan for these accordingly.

If any of the challenges resonate with yourself or your company, feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a chat in just how Pro3 can help your business!

More information about our most recent customers:



Project operations digitalization with Pro3 Electronic forms

The construction industry is going through transformation from a very traditional type of business to a modern digitalized business. The reasons are many: growing demands for documents for compliancy, the age of the work force is changing from people born in the 60’s and 70’s to millennials and continuous demands for greater efficiency, as few examples.

There has been a lot of targets to digitalize project processes over the last couple of years. Although digitalization often remains at the same stage of digitization. There are hundreds of traditional Word and Excel files still being used, or even paper surveys and documents which are sent back and forth by email and delivery services for the projects. These documents make things hard to find and reliable analysis and follow up is basically impossible to do.

Derigo has solution for this challenge: Pro3 Electronic forms

Operations can be made much more efficiently by replacing traditional documents and paper surveys with easy-to-use Pro3 electronic forms. The electronic form means that the information on the form is in a database and data can be used very efficiently for reporting, follow ups and information sharing.

Utilizing the electronic forms is easy. There are several different ready-made form templates that can be used and edited for different use cases and purposes. Most used electronic forms are for creating site diaries, various type of checklists and surveys.





Forms are easy to create and edit

When creating electronic forms by using Pro3’s main user tool It is possible to add different kind of fields to the forms based on customer’s need. Forms can also have various kind of field types such as drop-down menus, electronic signatures or checkboxes.

Parts of the forms can also be filled in by automatically importing metadata from the project card. This means that the information does not have to be duplicated several times by the project team.

The creation the of forms has been made so easy to use that our customers main users can easily create electronic forms independently using the Pro3 Administrator Tool. The forms can also be edited after saving and it is also possible to easily export the forms into PDF files.








Pro3 Electronic forms are responsive and can be used any device

Electronic forms scale to various kind of electronic devices and are very easy and fast to use with mobile devices.






Electronic forms make it easy to save information at the source and ensure further processing is efficient in different reporting views.

Electronic forms are integrated into the Pro3 system, so it is easy to track the status of the information in the electronic forms on the reporting view of the Pro3 Project.




To learn more, contact:

Ashley Stokes
UK Head of projects
+44 7527415423
Derigo UK Ltd