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Derigo throughout COVID-19

It’s been a strange and in some cases unfortunate time for many people given the Covid-19 situation.

Derigo are thankful for continued support from our current customers and also our new customers, business is still thriving in Finland as we look to welcome Jatke & Varte and the drive in the UK has also been very good.

Covid posed the reason for change to digitalization significantly, meaning throughout these challenging times everyone needed to work from their live project portfolio remotely and also project managers needed to have a clear in-sight from reports and dashboards on possible project delays Covid may have caused so they could plan for these accordingly.

If any of the challenges resonate with yourself or your company, feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a chat in just how Pro3 can help your business!

More information about our most recent customers:



Project operations digitalization with Pro3 Electronic forms

The construction industry is going through transformation from a very traditional type of business to a modern digitalized business. The reasons are many: growing demands for documents for compliancy, the age of the work force is changing from people born in the 60’s and 70’s to millennials and continuous demands for greater efficiency, as few examples.

There has been a lot of targets to digitalize project processes over the last couple of years. Although digitalization often remains at the same stage of digitization. There are hundreds of traditional Word and Excel files still being used, or even paper surveys and documents which are sent back and forth by email and delivery services for the projects. These documents make things hard to find and reliable analysis and follow up is basically impossible to do.

Derigo has solution for this challenge: Pro3 Electronic forms

Operations can be made much more efficiently by replacing traditional documents and paper surveys with easy-to-use Pro3 electronic forms. The electronic form means that the information on the form is in a database and data can be used very efficiently for reporting, follow ups and information sharing.

Utilizing the electronic forms is easy. There are several different ready-made form templates that can be used and edited for different use cases and purposes. Most used electronic forms are for creating site diaries, various type of checklists and surveys.





Forms are easy to create and edit

When creating electronic forms by using Pro3’s main user tool It is possible to add different kind of fields to the forms based on customer’s need. Forms can also have various kind of field types such as drop-down menus, electronic signatures or checkboxes.

Parts of the forms can also be filled in by automatically importing metadata from the project card. This means that the information does not have to be duplicated several times by the project team.

The creation the of forms has been made so easy to use that our customers main users can easily create electronic forms independently using the Pro3 Administrator Tool. The forms can also be edited after saving and it is also possible to easily export the forms into PDF files.








Pro3 Electronic forms are responsive and can be used any device

Electronic forms scale to various kind of electronic devices and are very easy and fast to use with mobile devices.






Electronic forms make it easy to save information at the source and ensure further processing is efficient in different reporting views.

Electronic forms are integrated into the Pro3 system, so it is easy to track the status of the information in the electronic forms on the reporting view of the Pro3 Project.




To learn more, contact:

Ashley Stokes
UK Head of projects
+44 7527415423
Derigo UK Ltd

Congrid and Derigo to cooperate to achieve synergies that benefit the customer and the entire sector

The ICT service providers Congrid and Derigo have launched a cooperation initiative. The goal of the cooperation is to promote the further development of the sector by improving the overall quality and occupational safety management at all levels from the construction site to the top management. The solution created by these two Finnish companies promotes the quality management processes in the construction sector by offering a quality and safety reporting view tailored according to the sector’s needs. The solution combines Derigo’s Pro3 project management tool and the Congrid systems through open interfaces.

The traditional construction sector has moved on to a phase where operating processes are being digitalised rapidly with the aid of modern ICT solutions. Congrid and Derigo want to serve the sector by creating new solution models to help companies in internationalisation.

“The digitalisation of the sector enables the systematic collection of information from different sources to support decision-making. The problem is that information is fragmented into separate systems. This is where we and Derigo want to help. Our cooperation provides our customers with a unique overall system for quality and safety management,” says Congrid’s CEO Timo Makkonen.








The end user benefits yielded by the cooperation include improved occupational safety and customer satisfaction, better cost efficiency and data-driven management. When up-to-date information is available and in an easily understandable format, the safety levels of different locations and construction sites can be compared. This makes it possible to address deviations immediately and, as a result, enhance the transparency of situation information at all levels.

“For years, we have been involved in some cooperation, sharing some of our customer base, so it is a natural option to further deepen this cooperation in order to offer our customers an even more comprehensive project digitalisation system. The cooperation also opens up new opportunities to grow international business in both companies,” says Derigo’s CEO Jukka Vornanen.








The construction software company Congrid has developed a digital platform for quality and occupational safety management and supervision on construction sites. The company, founded by a group of construction professionals in 2013, promotes the data-driven quality management of construction projects, which allows different parties to understand what has been built and why. Derigo is an expert company specialising in information management and process development. It offers digital solutions for the smooth deployment and practical implementation of operating models throughout the organisation. The company’s main product, the Pro3 system, provides its users with an electronic dashboard for project execution, with the goal of integrating the company’s procedures, documents and background systems into a functional whole.

More information:

Timo Makkonen
(+358) 44 716 7200

Jukka Vornanen
(+358) 400 265 242 

Congrid is a connected quality and safety platform for construction professionals, with a mission to improve construction quality. We offer a single platform in which all quality and safety management issues of any construction project can be managed – improving safety and quality, maximising site productivity and reducing costs.

Derigo is a Finnish IT service company founded in 2008, with an in-depth project background and expertise. The company’s employees have carried out hundreds of development projects for companies of different sizes both at home and abroad. Together with its customers, Derigo has developed its own Pro3 product family, catering specifically to project companies. There are already thousands of Pro3 users in Finland and in international projects around the world.

Pemamek start using Derigos Pro3 Project Management System

Pemamek Oy has agreed with Derigo Oy to implement the Pro3 Project Management System during spring 2020.

The Pro3 system is used to develop Pemamek’s project management and also implement common operating models. Pro3 provides users with an electronic workspace for project implementation that integrates enterprise operations, document management, risk management and project reporting into one easy-to-use solution. Pro3’s User Management utilizes Microsoft Azure AD to provide users with an easy experience without unnecessary logins.

For more information about the project:

Pemamek Oy – Jani Hollo, Project director. Tel. +358 10 5016 287.

Derigo Oy – Jukka Vornanen, CEO. Tel. +358400 265 242.

Pemamek Oy is a family owned company established in 1970 which designs and manufactures production automation for the metal welding industry. The range of the solutions consists of individual welding, processing equipment and extensive project line and deliveries. Pemamek utilizes the latest robotic and automation technology across its solutions. Over 90% of the company’s annual output is exported. Headquarters and modern factory is located in Loimaa and sales offices in USA, Poland, Russia and Brazil.

Derigo Oy is a Finnish IT service company founded in 2008, all employees have a in-depth project background and expertise. The company’s employees have carried out hundreds of development projects for companies of different sizes both at home and abroad. Based on its solid experience, Derigo has developed its own Pro3 product family, catering specifically to project companies. There are already thousands of Pro3 users in Finland with international projects around the world.

Feedback from one of our UK customers

We can tell you the value Pro3 adds in efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness, but at the end of the day although we know the industry, we aren’t the ground force or the project managers that manage construction projects on Pro3 on a day to day basis.

So take a look at recent feedback received from one of our UK customers!

• In your eyes what does Pro3 mean to you?

– Pro3 means I can control, monitor and report from live workflows. Ensuring good practise is repeated consistently, reporting is made efficiently and teams can focus on production rather than process.

• What do you think the main benefits of using Pro3 are? And how does it deliver these to you personally?

– Being a Senior Project manager (managing multiple teams) I can follow progress rather than chase reports. The dashboarding function means I am kept informed of the things I need to know about, whilst the teams continue to work at the ground, project level.

• How could you see the impact of the changes Pro3 gives affect your business if it was to be used group wide?

– I would like to grow the business around Pro3. The more we embrace it the more value it adds. Streamlining our process and removing manual reporting mechanisms. Pulling data from projects and allowing us to make truly informed decisions.

Derigo Global – UK Presence

Derigo Global Oy Ltd is establishing a local presence in the UK to be able to serve customers better. We have the pleasure to announce that we have nominated Ash Stokes as Head of UK projects. Ashley has an excellent technical background to be able to support customer all topics. Ashley’s responsibility areas are account management for current customers, customer service and research in the UK. We will warmly welcome Ashley on board.

Derigo Global is a reseller of Pro3® product platform and is part of Derigo Oy group. Derigo Oy is over 10 years old Finnish high-tech company with a strong customer base in Finland. Derigo’s Pro3® is easy to use a cloud-based project management system. By having all data in one system Pro3® will increase efficiency and help minimize costs causing from up keeping and using multiple systems.

Derigo Global Oy Ltd is now established!

Our aim is to help project business companies to be more efficient and productive. We have a strong experienced team to help customers in this target. Our business is reselling solution services powered by Derigo Pro3®. Derigo Oy is over 10 years old Finnish high tech company with strong customer base in Finland. Now we will provide this same knowledge globally.


Derigo Pro3® is an easy-to-use cloud-based project management system for managing and utilizing data from all business areas. By having all the data in one system, Pro3® will increase efficiency and ease the costs involved from upkeep and using multiple systems.

Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy implements Derigo’s Pro3

Derigo and Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy have agreed on the delivery of the Pro3 project management system. The system is currently being implemented and Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy will have the system in use during February 2017.

Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka, founded in 2011, specialises in HVAC and sprinkler system installations for construction and renovation projects. Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy:s services aim to improve the value of the customer’s properties and improve indoor conditions while reducing energy consumption.

More information

Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka Oy: Jukka Myllylä, +358 40 151 0660

Derigo Oy: Jussi Rantala, +358 400 200 005