To be able to manage the project business efficiently the most important topic is to have knowledge of status. There is a holy triangle of project management: the scope, cost and schedule of the project. All of these are dependent on each other, such as, if the schedule fails, the costs will probably be escaped from budgeting.

The project manager is always responsible for the project in the scope, but today’s hectic world is bit different. There are rare situations where the project manager would have the luxury to have just only one project at a time. This means in practice that in the real world one could be able to manage projects efficiently, basic routines should be digitize and automated as much as possible.

In starting point, before dashboard and PRO3, the leadership challenge is that every individual project manager has their own way of working and leading their projects. From a management point of view, only way to proceed and the comparison of projects is possible, is to unified project management process and terms. By doing this it is possible to have reliable comparison reports of business.

The basic philosophy behind using dashboards is that executives will finally get transparency to their own business and it is up-to-date all the time! You can have a summary view of whole business or you can drill down for more detailed information even in one project. There is now a true possibility to compare each project and have risks manageable.

The basic idea of utilizing dashboards is to visualize in key indicators of projects as easy to understand graphics or values. This helps to understand the status and with help of AI you can also see to future. Dashboards can also give user ready-made reports for project quality, working safety, costs etc. Essential is that information is available with one view in an easy-to-understand format.

The dashboard is always an essential part of the Derigo’s PRO3 implementation. Our customers always will have dashboards focusing on project management KPI’s and HSQE.