Pro3 Extensions

In addition to Pro3’s core modules, several other extensions are available. The extensions are small, separately installed applications that work either independently or with one or more of Pro3’s modules.

Electronic forms

Our electronic forms replace documents in Word, Excel, etc. Electronic forms can be used for various kind of check lists, memos etc. Metadata is updated automatically to the forms from the project card.

Handover Documentation

There is a dedicated section for handover material in the project card which the material can be automatically collected from the project documentation itself, ensuring data isn’t lost during the handover phase.

Risk Management

The project within Pro3 is expanded with a risk management. This lists the project risks, their severity, impact and likelihood. These risks provide project and business-specific reports and statistics. You can also create risk templates for each project.


Dashboards collect data from Pro3 and its extensions. Data can be shown from project level up to company level information. Data can be brought to the dashboards also from other systems through integrations.

Outlook integration

The user-installed plug-in can save their emails and attachments directly from Outlook to the project within Pro3.

Safety Walk

The project provides a safety walk template for safety observations in a web-based mobile form that records any identified potential safety issues. The findings provide project-specific reports on the development of workplace safety on site. Logging in to view the findings can also be done on mobile devices.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a workspace that manages customer contact information, actions taken and customer communication history.

Supplier Management

Vendor Management collects vendor information and events related to them.

Training Register

Training records and certifications of company personnel are recorded in the training register. Alerts for upcoming training can be set, along with a summary of current staff training and certifications.


Records work hours for projects in a Day or Week view. You can also post comments on a daily or weekly basis. You are able to create hourly reports that export to Excel at a user or project level.

Meeting Workspaces

Provides a workspace for meetings with meeting-specific documents, information and to-do lists.

General workspaces

General workspaces can store documents in a hierarchical tree structure. Customers can create new general workspaces with their own structures.


Intranet is an excellent way for your organization to improve your daily work. Intranet enables centralized storage for information needed by staff that facilitates communication and collaboration within the company.



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