The mobile project workspace gives easy access to the project data and mobile tools on any mobile device with Internet access. The user interface is optimised for touch screens in order to provide easy mobile access while on the road or on-site. The Pro3 mobile workspace contains the following functions:

  • Access to all project data and documents
  • Access to project basic information and properties
  • Access and editing tools to project tasks
  • Access to Pro3 electronic forms

Links to the full project workspace in Pro3

The Pro3 mobile workspace can easily be customised to include customer specific links and functions, e.g. links to the customers other systems or to provide the project team with a mobile desktop with access to all systems.

Additional add-ons such as the Pro3 Inpsection tool will automatically be available in the mobile view for customers who have the add-on licenses.



The main Pro3 app features are listed below, however you can carry out other various types of checklists by creating your own editable templates:

  • Carry out weekly safety inspections, ensuring you can later report on to spot any trends
  • Capture photos allowing you to mark a certain area and leave notes to compile a punch list of any defects or faults
  • Add/manage tasks and assign to others to ensure that everyone has the latest information, making the day to day more efficient
  • Login to the timesheet app to automatically record and track project hours