Experience and Presence

Derigo was founded in 2008 and built on close collaboration with its customers and strong industry expertise. We offer in-depth project management skills and extensive experience in describing, evaluating, and re-designing business models in various industries, that ensure a successful project that meets the customers needs.

Step-by-step implementation enables you to effectively and quickly implement changes into your organization.

Within it’s operations Derigo takes full advantage of mobile applications ensuring the customer has live and accurate information wherever they are. By doing so we want to ensure successful development projects.

Quick and cost-effective deployment

Pro3 modules include ready-to-use interfaces and technical solutions that enable a rapid and cost-effective system deployment. The system can be purchased as a cloud service or installed on your own servers.

The deployment is designed so that it can be accomplished quickly and cost-effectively at a fixed-price without risk. The deployment project typically takes 1-3 months, depending on the customers schedule.

Setup Process and Tasks



The flexibility of Pro3 allows it to be utilized and deployed regardless of the industry. The system has been successfully deployed in the following industries:

  • For the whole life-cycle of projects for the construction industry
  • Within the projects processes for building services
  • A project and quality management tool used within the marine ship industry
  • Internal development projects