Improved project performance

Derigo Pro3® offers a common working space for all project members including tools for project management, documentation management and quality management related issues.

Efficient site operations are a critical part of a successful project business. The usage of Pro3® ensures excellent project performance in all levels.

Pro3® has been developed to support the project team’s site operation needs by providing easy to use mobile tools giving access to all project data from various mobile devices.

Common ways of working

Management system’s target is to continuously improve company and employee performance.  Pro3® standard features and customer specific customisation allows the implementation of common ways of working throughout the whole organisation. 

Dashboards for project follow up and reporting

Having reliable dashboards with up to date data from the operating systems is the key element improving profitability and forecasting within the business. Derigo is a professional partner to develop systems and processes where data information is valid from the beginning of the process until the final part of the process

Quick start for use and easy to upkeep

Microsoft SharePoint platform built Pro3® will scale easily in different size companies and offers almost unlimited possibilities for custom-tailored applications. Due to ready-made interfaces Pro3® is easy to integrate with company’s other information systems, thereby company can avoid unnecessary duplication of systems.


Pro3 features